Spring Special

Spring special

Spring is upon us! Well, for some of us. I know many of you are still experiencing the gloomy grey skies and white covered landscape, but we’re so excited about what all the moisture is going to bring for you this Spring! In celebration of this colorful season, we’re offering a promotion for you to [...]

25 Coastal Photos

25 coastal photos

Join our FREE family friendly photo community and start sharing today! *Click and join now* Lisa blogs at The HomeSpun Life and is a contributor at The Homeschool Post. She enjoys blogging, photography, and cooking. Her homeschooling family is active in their community and enjoys traveling with friends and family. Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Travel-Sphere: Sherman’s Library and Garden

shermans garden

My daughter and I visited Sherman’s Library and Garden and what a discovery we found! The botanical garden is in full bloom with vibrant poppies, incredible cactus garden, and a pond full of large and beautiful coy. The weather is absolutely perfect this time of year to enjoy an outdoor luncheon at their cafe. Words [...]

Featured Free Photos

free photos

This week’s featured free photos, available to all Pix-O-Sphere members. Free to join and start using photos today.       Stock photos also available, how to purchase our stock photos. Turning your tags into albums to share How to get free credits for stock photo purchases Join our conversations on our Facebook page.Catch up [...]

Purchasing Stock Photos

credits for purchasing stock photos

Pix-O-Sphere offers affordable stock photos to purchase for your blogging needs. Once you’ve purchased a credit package, it’s simple and quick to get the photo and the code to embed into your blog. First you’ll want to log in and click ‘credits’ under your profile photo. You’ll then click the link for ‘Add a credit [...]

How to Comment on Blogs and How Not to Mess it Up.

Jainey was trying much too hard to be the best barista at the tiny coffee shop on the corner of Main and Spruce. She arrived fifteen minutes early for every shift and stayed fifteen minutes later. She wanted to make sure her boss noticed how committed she was to her job and to the shop. [...]

Turning Your Tags into Albums to Share

photo albums

I already explained how to upload your images and add tags. That was the preparation for the album and group creation. Now for the fun part. Once you have your images uploaded, tagged, and saved then go to your profile. On the left side of your profile (under your image) you’ll see a small tag [...]

Creating an Album and Group

multi upload photo sharing

Creating an album in the Pix-O-Sphere network is as simple as adding tags to your photos. In fact, that’s exactly how you do it. You can have one photo appear in multiple albums without uploading the image several times. The cool thing about our tagging system is that it also creates a group at the [...]

Get more traffic to your profile and photo gallery

find me here

We’re happy to announce that we’re stepping up our support of Pix-O-Sphere members by promoting their photos and profiles on our Twitter account and Facebook page. To get additional support, you can add your Twitter handle to your profile so we can tag you in tweets when we promote your photos and profile. Once you [...]

5 Ways to Prepare for Success and Avoid Debt

You’ve been blogging your heart out, spend every waking moment using Twitter, and guest blogging like crazy but your subscription numbers are stagnant and you’re pulling your hair out wondering why it’s just not working for you. Your blog has affiliate ads and you’re using every Amazon link you have, that pertains to your niche, [...]