The Dirty Little Secret High Paying Bloggers Don’t Want You to Know.

I’ve spent 10 years banging my head on my desk wondering why some bloggers have such large numbers and some don’t. Some of the most influential bloggers I’ve found only have a hand full of readers. Social Media Gurus, with inflated egos, would scoff that I call someone influential if they have only a hand [...]

Sex Offenders in Social Media and Their First Amendment Rights

Internet law can be tricky, especially when pedophiles want access to use social networks, like Facebook. The courts in Indiana are at odds with one another over sex offenders using Facebook. While one court wants to protect kids, the other court took advice from the ACLU about a sex offender’s First Amendment rights. So the [...]

Is Facebook Timeline and Pages Stealing Your Blog Traffic?

fb screenshot

When Facebook implemented the changes on Pages to look like the Timeline we have on our personal profiles, I instantly thought the new look resembled a blog. This made me uncomfortable. It should make all bloggers uncomfortable. Bloggers work hard to develop readership so their blogs can generate an income from the ads they put [...]

What ‘The Impossible’ and It’s Tsunami Taught Me About Social Media

real life

I have always found it frustrating when people talk about having a theme or tag line that describes your blog. I used to run an online magazine for girls and I changed the entire design every month. I like to switch things up and my life is so spontaneous that my theme could change at [...]

Weekend Highlights

Hope you’re having a great weekend! Here are some of our weekend highlights. Photo of the Week credit:Angie Parrett Current Posts: Time Saving Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic 9 People Principles to Build a Powerful Community Discover Ideas to Find Fresh Content Favorite Tweets: “Don’t focus so hard on the door that closed or [...]

Unplug for the Weekend to Discover Ideas for Fresh Content

As much as we know social media success depends on our diligent online presence, we need to stay connected to our every day world. We can schedule posts and Tweets for the weekend and get out of the house (if the weather’s nice) and enrich our lives by growing our relationships. Even if it’s snowing [...]

9 People Principles to Build a Powerful Community

We can spend hours and hours talking about the nuts and bolts of blogging and social media, but what really gets attention is personality and people skills. Even though we live in a technological era, people still want to connect with other people. They want to feel like they know you, like they’ve connected with [...]

Time Saving Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic

In the years I’ve been blogging and using social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, and various other networks) I have seen a dramatic drop in the activity in some circles of the blogging community. Many of us became so enamored with these additional resources for marketing that we’ve spent more time building up our presence [...]

Make Your Mark in the World

beliefs that hinder success

Some days it might feel like you’re talking to a brick wall. You get hits on your articles, but no one comments. Have you ever wondered if people would even notice if you left the grid? Do you feel like you’re failing to launch? You see bloggers with high numbers and wonder how they got there [...]

Successful Leaders Build Empires by Collaborating


There are days when ya just gotta take a long look around the social media landscape and evaluate what’s going on. That’s just what I’ve done and in doing so I noticed that something was amiss and needed to change. It was time to stop and pivot myself so I could walk into a new [...]