Explanation of Credits

When you log into your account, go to your profile. Under your profile on the right there is the link for Credits. Click there and you’ll be taken to your Credits page.

Here is where you will see how many credits you have, lets you know what status you are (Basic or Paid Member), when your membership is due to renewal, you can add a credit card, and purchase credits. We are currently working on making credits available for purchase via Paypal, but you can currently upgrade to being a paid member through Paypal.

Below is an example of your transaction sheet. In the first column you see abbreviations to exlpain what type of transaction you made.

RC= Referral Credit: These are the credits you earned when someone became a paid member after they joined free through one of your referral links. You will see how many RC’s you have and who to thank for upgrading.

PP= Photo Purchase: These are the photos you purchased along with how much you paid in credits, a link to the photo you purchased, and the size you bought.

PS= Photo Sale: This lets you know that you sold a photo, how many credits you earned, which photo you sold, and which size was purchased.

You can also print the transaction sheet for your personal records.

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