5 Ways to Prepare for Success and Avoid Debt

You’ve been blogging your heart out, spend every waking moment using Twitter, and guest blogging like crazy but your subscription numbers are stagnant and you’re pulling your hair out wondering why it’s just not working for you. Your blog has affiliate ads and you’re using every Amazon link you have, that pertains to your niche, [...]

The Dirty Little Secret High Paying Bloggers Don’t Want You to Know.

I’ve spent 10 years banging my head on my desk wondering why some bloggers have such large numbers and some don’t. Some of the most influential bloggers I’ve found only have a hand full of readers. Social Media Gurus, with inflated egos, would scoff that I call someone influential if they have only a hand [...]

Unplug for the Weekend to Discover Ideas for Fresh Content

As much as we know social media success depends on our diligent online presence, we need to stay connected to our every day world. We can schedule posts and Tweets for the weekend and get out of the house (if the weather’s nice) and enrich our lives by growing our relationships. Even if it’s snowing [...]

9 People Principles to Build a Powerful Community

We can spend hours and hours talking about the nuts and bolts of blogging and social media, but what really gets attention is personality and people skills. Even though we live in a technological era, people still want to connect with other people. They want to feel like they know you, like they’ve connected with [...]

Time Saving Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic

In the years I’ve been blogging and using social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, and various other networks) I have seen a dramatic drop in the activity in some circles of the blogging community. Many of us became so enamored with these additional resources for marketing that we’ve spent more time building up our presence [...]

Start Organizing

belief 2

It starts with just one little boy in a sandlot tossing a baseball into the air, catching it over and over again. He’s enjoying his dreams of becoming a star baseball player. He tosses the baseball as high into the air as he can, imagining it’s a pop fly to center field. Runners on first [...]

Are bloggers distracted by dishonest marketing tactics?

common beliefs that hinder success

Over the past several years I’ve noticed a shift in the way we go about our blogging. Somewhere along the way I believe many bloggers have gotten sidetracked with unwise marketing strategies that have caused many of them to appear artificial. Several bloggers have been swayed by the advertising market and their blogs end up [...]

Get your page’s updates back in the news feed where your viewers wanted them in the first place.

edit button on facebook pages

After all that time you’ve put into building your Facebook page with promotions, giveaways, and countless hours of networking to get likes only to discover that now Facebook hinders what your readers see. Unless of course, you want to pay to get them back. Ya, that’s pretty frustrating to a page owner. As a reader, it’s [...]

Creating a Template for Blogging

posting template for blogging

Have you ever hit ‘publish’ on your blog articles and then realize you forgot to add a photo, a source link, or even your signature? This usually happens when I’m blogging late at night or when the kids are running around. Distractions Everyday life can cause all kind of problems in publishing an article. That’s [...]

Photo Blogging Tips

photo tips for blogging

When I first started blogging, I’d do so without images then made the huge mistake of using pics from Google image search results. After learning more about copyright issues I went back through and swapped those photos out with some that were free to use and added the source. I’m always looking for ways to [...]