Time Saving Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic

In the years I’ve been blogging and using social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, and various other networks) I have seen a dramatic drop in the activity in some circles of the blogging community. Many of us became so enamored with these additional resources for marketing that we’ve spent more time building up our presence [...]

Top 5 Icon Galleries


I love making my own graphics, but I know there are other designers much more talented than I am. I avoid using Google image search results for graphics, because I don’t want to swipe something from the Internet and get in trouble later. I work hard to make sure I’m using graphics and icons that [...]

20 Bloggers You’ll Love to Pin


Using Pinterest to help promo your bloggy friends is a great way to invest in your budding communities. I posted about the 12 pinnable companies to make your boards look groovy and now I’m going to introduce you to 20 bloggers (bloggers like you and me) who allow pinning from their creative and inspiring blogs. [...]

3 Tips to Empower, Conquer & Launch

Be Empowered

The online community grows at the speed of light, well…practically. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with how fast everything goes, but we don’t have to let it discourage us from moving forward. No one builds a fantastic blog (and readership) overnight, so don’t be too hard on yourselves. If the fast paced cyber community has [...]

5 Ways to Build Influence with Pinterest

Influencing through Pinterest

Pinterest is a snazzy network where you can discover a wide array of crafts, home decor, and friends to inspire you in many areas of your life. When you talk to anyone who uses Pinterest, they might humorously caution you on how addicting fascinating their network is. You might scoff and laugh this caution off as [...]

5 Ways to be an Inspiring Leader

My philosophy on leadership is a bit different than many out there. I’m not out to develop a crutch for others and have them lean heavily on me.  I favor the leadership style that inspires and invests in other lives. I’m not out to create an environment where I have all the answers and others [...]

Pin Your Interests Sweetly and Ethically


Over the last several months we have seen a sweeping craze over the new site, Pinterest. It’s a fun way to bookmark your favorite sites to customized cyber pin boards and help your friends get some extra attention as well. I’ve personally become addicted to a member of the site. It’s always fun for bloggers [...]

Consider Comment Moderation


The dynamics behind a good discussion community can be quite tricky. People can type out a comment or even a lengthy essay of a comment, rather quickly and hit ‘publish’ while you’re still trying to think about how you’ll respond to the comments before it. If you’re planning a blog article that could potentially draw [...]

Don’t Unfriend Your Eccentric Family Members Just Yet


Sometimes those Facebook conversations can be overwhelming. Even some eccentric family member’s political or religious rants might be a bit too much for you, but there’s no need to ‘unfriend’ them and hurt their feelings. That makes it difficult when you see them at the next holiday event. Here are some ways in which you [...]

Still Constructing the Family Blog Network

We recently had a meeting with our developers about our vision for the Family Blog Network. There’s a lot more going into it than we first planned, which is a good thing. A very good thing. Our creative minds came together and added more features to our original plan and we are looking forward to [...]